The thing is: I'm going to Miami....

I am stepping out of my comfort zone and writing this post straight to my readers with the hope of a few comments. They will be greatly appreciated (as always)! 

The thing is: In a few weeks time I am going to Miami on vacation, or actually on a longer road trip to the US East Coast, with several stops en route northwards (we end up in New York). I am going with my husband, our son and my in-laws, and we start our trip in South Florida, that is in Miami (for a couple of days) and Key West (for a few more days). 

This part of the USA is fresh territory to most of us, so I am just going to ask you, who might have been there: any tips, anything you think we just have to do, taste or see...? Something we might not find in the guide book? Or simply something that actually is all it is cracked up to be...?!!

We are quite down-to-earth. We like things laid back, not too dressy or formal. We are quite crazy about nature, architecture, fun shopping and local food. My boy is (almost) five, he loves pancakes, dogs and disco music, and is working on his english conversation skills, as we speak. 

Right now, I mostly look forward to the sun. And the palm trees, because to a Scandinavian as myself, they just epitomize adventure and being far, far away from home. Oooh, I can't wait!!

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