More dottyness

I love how a media as Pinterest - a beloved time stealer for anyone who loves great images and cool stuff - is intuitive and just throws random things at you, that are so far from random. I think my love of polka dots introduced me to this shop interior a few days ago, in this particular way. And I had to look it up, and discovered that I had noticed it in several other contexts, like Instagram and so on.

The very nice US fashion brand Opening Ceremony has this shop in Tokyo (opened in 2013). Let me show you a couple of images from the interiors (it's four floors of mega shop, and it also has life size horses as clothes racks and other delightful things). I think I love it. At least I love the staircase. Will absolutely visit it, should I happen to come to Tokyo again any time soon (here's hoping).

Architects and interior designers? No idea. Japanese, and I couldn't figure out who they are. But they must have had a blast.

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