Little cubic ornaments on a sunday

Our neighbors brought these very lovely red branches the other day. I don't know what kind they are, but they inspired me to do some slightly un-christmassy little ornaments for a nice decoration of sorts. They are odd and a bit oblique little cubes, and I have sprinkled them with confetti like patterns. Enjoy, if you like!

This time it's not origami, but an easy project to cut, fold and glue, from sheets with my finished designs. As always, when making 3D ornaments, be very precise when you cut - and trace all the folding lines before folding, that will make it much, much easier!

I made these in thick card stock, but heavy paper (100 g. or so) will be fine. I made the slightly smaller pink ones by printing on pink paper, and scaling the print 80%.

Here they are on the red branches*, making a minimalist kind of Christmas statement.
(*I think they are from a cornus sanguinea, if you know what that is!)

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