I just couldn't resist it

I promise this will be the last reference to Yayoi Kusama for a veeeery long time. But it's been ages since I made a woven heart for this blog.... So when this image popped into my mind, I had a hard time letting it go. I really tried, cause I think it's a bit silly. And then I thought what the heck, and made it anyway. Silly is fine, actually (check my full list - I have made some very silly ones!)

It's the Tribute to Yayoi Pumpkin Christmas heart! Yay!
And in the PDF it even comes in seasonal red/white as well.

So why don't you download yourself a dotty heart, and have some fun with that.

Click here for the hearts

Having a hard time weaving paper hearts? Use my very simple tutorial, or try to find a video, I am sure there are countless.

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