Christmas Origami: Octahedron Star

These are my newest origami favorites, they are really pretty, but not half as tricky to make as one might think. They are the kind you end up inflating by blowing air into them, just like the cubes and the easter bunnies I have shown here before. And they have much in common with both the cubes and the bunnies, so if you have tried them, these are easy.

This time I didn't make my own tutorial, because I found a great video, where you will learn this in five minutes, and every step is very easy to understand. So let me guide you there:

Stellated Octahedron tutorial on PaperKawaii.com

BUT - this is important: In this tutorial, they tell you to start with the pattern side down (or 'white side up' as it says) - I find that to be an error, this design should be folded, starting with the pattern side UP! Otherwise, the tutorial is great.

I wanted to make some hanging ornaments for the tree from these, and thought that some red and white would be great - and again I made a paper design that enhances the form of the finished origami: here the tips of the stars, or the folds between them. The small ones above are made from various shop bought 15 x 15 cm. papers, and I made you some 20 x 20 cm. papers with two kinds of patterns: graphic stripes and stars and another one with a kind of dip-dye design, like the red one with the faded white tips.

Download origami papers for octahedron stars: Christmas red/white stars and stripes

Download origami papers for octahedron stars: Dip-dye in three colors

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