Thank you, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce

So here I sit, with a hand up to no good, after an operation that went well, but was a bit more complicated than first assumed. No long explanations, but they had to cut quite a bit in my hand, resulting in an impressive embroidery of stitches and some healing time ahead of me, that I just have to patient about. I type this  v e r y   s l o w l y  with my left index finger and lots af tpyos typos.

You can imagine my delight, when I discovered that seasons 5 and 6 with my old pals from the struggling ad agency Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce were available on Netflix. Thank heaven. So while I wait for a bit more strength (right now I can't even squeeze a bit of toothpaste out, or put a rubber band in my hair) and mobility, and getting the stitches out, I while the afternoon away in their fabulous company.

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