Here is my hand, and it's hoping to get better

Tomorrow I'm going to the hospital to have a small procedure done in my right hand - I am having many years of carpal tunnel syndrome seen to, by a clever surgeon. Here is what he drew on my hand, when he explained the procedure to me! I hope he doesn't have to cut that much. No, seriously, it was just to explain something with nerves, tissue and ..... something? Well, I make a point of trusting people who seem to know their business, so I am going to let doctor Ove from Rigshospitalet do his thing. And I really, really hope it helps.

It is a bit unclear how long it will be, before I can type or use a mouse or a pen again, but I hope it won't be long. The bright side is, that I will be absolutely forbidden to do any housework or heavy lifting for several days, ha ha!

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