Time to start your mineral collection

I am a hoarder of images of all kinds, and the other day I came across a folder filled with the most glorious pictures of all kinds of minerals; agate, malachite, granite and many more. I had completely forgotten about these, but they kept occupying my mind, so yesterday, when I opened another folder with all my beloved paper templates for making all kinds of cubes, boxes, pyramids and so on, it just struck me. I must make myself some paper minerals! And, yes, of course: you get to make them too! 

Get the PDF here. You'll need sharp scissors, a bit of glue, and about an hour to make them. 


  1. These are so pretty - thank you!

  2. Thank you - I'm so glad you like them! And there's plenty more paper fun to make, if you check the 'DIY's - the full list' link in the side menu.