More gems

Apropos the paper minerals from the other day, I felt like showing you something from my personal, sort of utopian, wishlist. A few years ago I worked with a lady that had the most spectacular silk scarf. One day I persuaded her to take it off, and spread it out on a table, so that I could really study it in all its glory - and I fell even more in love. It is a 1959 Hermès scarf, 'Mineraux', designed by one of the most famous Hermès artists; Hugo Grygkar. I think it is just fantastic, a wearable work of art (as are many of the Hermès scarves). It is sometimes re-issued, and is of course madly expensive. Vintage, even more so. But one can dream, right? 

The design is really beautifully drawn and printed on the silk, click here to study a larger image.

If you are on a more limited budget, like most of us are, you could try & Other Stories - they have gone gem-crazy as well, and have this very pretty silk dress and headband right now (the print even comes as an umbrella!)

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