Spring equinox and appropriate footwear

It is spring equinox today (have you seen Google today? So pretty!), and the last time I wrote about astronomical issues such as this, I got things mixed up a bit - so today I will let Wikipedia do the talking, and just express my deep satisfaction about the longer and perhaps even sunnier days ahead of us.

Since I got acquainted with the absolutely fabuleux Louis Philippe, I have had such a jelly sandal flashback. I used to love them in the eighties and nineties, and have had them in many colors. As a young design student, I was a summer intern in a very high-tech-mad-professor like company (they worked with fibre optics and that sort of thing), and I was in one of my jelly-wearing phases. Now, in this company, they had a special kind of linoleum floors in the corridors, and my jellies made this high squeaky sound when I went about my business, and all the tech guys thought I was the most exotic and hilarious intern ever. They even nicknamed my footwear 'dejskraberne'  which is quite funny in danish, but translates poorly. A 'dejskraber' is the kind of rubber spatula you use to get the last of the cake batter out of the bowl!

Imagine my spring delirium and joy when I browsed a bit about the other day....! Now the only thing is which ones to choose, because easter chicken yellow is definitely the color I am feeling, jellywise.

I found both pairs right here: Asos

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