Some long overdue Easter greetings

This blog is full of excuses for long periods of silence, but - as mentioned before - I consider using Instagram as my communication platform instead, and keeping the blog as a kind of projects library? Well, all this is stuff I think of in spare time, of which I sometimes don't have much.
I'm sure my readers have exactly the same kind of everyday issues....

Easter is upon us, and I actually always feel like colours and flowers and letting all that light in through the windows again - and making pretty things as decorations for Easter parties, or to give away with Easter eggs. This year I made these simple butterflies, they are perhaps the most basic origami I have ever shared here. Great for kids to make, or for impatient types like me. Or you?

I made bundles of them, and stuck a bit of thin wire through them, and put them on branches from our cherry trees, and it looked very charming. I did a small origami workshop in my workplace at the book shop, and several kids came by and folded with great enthusiasm. We used origami paper from Djeco, as seen in the photo, since we sell their really cool line of paper products. 

But maybe you feel like revisiting some of my older spring projects? 

There were the Sakura flowerballs - also made in a Buttercup version.
Last year, I made these colorful pleated Easter Egg Lanterns - and many of you liked those Cheerful Little Birds.

You can use my tag cloud to explore, there are plenty more. 
Have a lovely Easter or - if you don't celebrate Easter - simply a lovely spring!

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