Cheerful little birds

Easter is near, so of course I have a little bit of paper fun for you, to celebrate spring or... just because I can?

Last year we made origami bunnies (we even inflated them) and this year I have made you some happy little birdies, perhaps for the Easter table or perhaps to put in a 'gækkebrev', an Easter Fool's Letter - I wrote about those as well, last year.

I had some fun making these sheets that come alive, tweet tweet, when you fold them - these birds start out looking, for instance, like this.....

They are super easy to make, and I have made you  a tutorial as well. I scaled some of them 80% when I printed them, to make them in two sizes. You might try that as well? Or even smaller!


  1. Those look amazing! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh, thank you - and you are welcome! Have fun with them :)