Christmas! Not quite as usual, but don't you worry.

My dearest readers and visitors here on heartheartseason - it's been one of those years, where everything has been under investigative consideration...

What could be different? Where am I going? Should I make a big job/career change? Or some other changes? Big things, small things.

The blog has been among these - as you who are familiar with it knows, it's not my day job or anything even close to that.

I do my paper projects at random times, they pop out of nowhere and sometimes they take physical shape immediately, other times they get sort of filed, to be worked on later. I never know when the urge comes over me - and to plan for a Christmas season with a handful of cool projects, is actually a huge job. It's meant to look easy and whimsical, but of course hours of design work, planning and photography - and then uploading and writing - comes before every paper DIY post! This year it just hasn't been possible.

I love doing them, however. I really do! But I have thought about moving the visual part and the community part of this blog over to Instagram (where you can visit my personal feed, and where I love to post about memorable and nice things in my everyday life) - and then simply keeping a kind of library and storage space for the actual DIY-files on some other online platform.

I just don't know? This blog has around five to ten thousand visits per month these days, something I am very honored and proud of, and I can see from statistics that people visit my DIY posts a lot. That makes me SO happy! Would you follow this blog on Instagram? Would the content work there?
Comments are most welcome!

But anyhow, what's that image above got to do with any of that?

Well, a lot of this year has been focused on looking for work, within my professional life: as a graphic designer and overall marketing person. I have been moderately successful and have made a couple of really nice projects, and have even been studying a bit. But a new job is yet to be found. 

In the meantime I have taken a temporary but very full time job in a big local book shop, as a holiday season extra pair of hands. I'm starting tomorrow and I think it's gonna be FUN. It's something completely different, and I need that so much.

And Christmas on the blog?

I promise you this.... Every Friday from late November, I will do an inspirational greatest hits recap of some of the older projects - some of them you will have totally forgotten, or maybe never seen before. I will try to theme them a bit, and hope you will enjoy them. Till then!

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