Upside Down Origami

Are they flowers? Or a kind of three dimensional stars? Should you hang them this way - or that? 
I really couldn't say. You decide. 

But they are easy and quick to make, and for these I had some fun with a pile of old magazines I was taking to the recycle dumpster, but absentmindedly stood around leafing through. And I just saw all these nice colours and textures, and started ripping pages out. 

Dusty or fleshy pink is still unavoidable it seems, and that's all right with me. 

I put together a tutorial for you, so go get it right here, and get started on the little thingys. They take about five minutes to make, and would be fine for kids or origami novices.

Hope you'll have fun with them, have a great weekend!


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    1. Oh, you are welcome, Ann Martin! :-)

    2. where is the toturial

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    4. There is a text link! Perhaps you missed it: