Oh, those Plop Plop Balls...!

The most wildly popular paper project I have ever shared here, must be these: the so called 'Plop Plop Baubles' from December 2015. I just checked the blog backend, and I can see that the post have been visited almost fifty thousand times, and they are also the most re-pinned design I have ever put up on Pinterest.

I have had sweet messages in my Instagram mailbox, and have been tagged by others, who wanted to share their ploppy projects with me. See a couple of them here

Well, I'm so super glad to have shared something people seem to like - but the reason I take them up again, is that I saw that a popular Danish magazine have produced a video tutorial on them! 

It's on YouTube, right here.

That's great, because I would love to do video tutorials, but I simply don't have the time or the setup to do them - not right now, anyway.

And they also came back to me, because I just cleared out some of all the shoe boxes full of paper things I have produced for this blog. I usually keep just a few items for myself, the rest I give away as small host/hostess gifts in the holiday season - but I still seem to have boxes full of the stuff. 

So I decided to make some little gift bags for a very nice Red Cross charity gift shop we have here in Copenhagen, hoping they might bring in a few Kroner for good purposes. If you are an over-producer of such things, as I am, you could do the same! 


  1. While making a bunch of these, I noticed that the pile seemed to be disappearing. I found out why when I saw one flying across the floor, followed by my "into everything" kitty. They love these balls and when I make them of a sturdier paper, they seem to last at least a few days. So now I make Kitty Plop Plop Balls. Thanks for this super design!!!

    1. Hi Katzy Baby, haha, that's the sweetest story! So they are baubles, ornaments - and cat toys. So cool. PS: love your pussy hat with the heart shaped ears!