More calendar fun

Being in the Advent Calendar Business, I felt I had to do a little instagram tour of what other calendar crazed people are up to - and I found a couple of fun ones! 

This first one, the charm bracelet (I suppose you get a new charm every day?), is just brilliant - and very doable as a kind of DIY project, as it seems to be sold out from the shop? Anyway, it's too cute, and maybe they get fresh supplies, who knows. It's from here: Meri Meri.

Then I found two versions of boxes, which is a nice thing in itself. Hard to fit everything into a box, though, but maybe you give itty bitty calendar gifts? Then they are great.

The first ones are from German Snug Studio, I like the way you can make interesting patterns with them. Very tasteful.

Also into boxes, but these are graphic and black/white is Katrina Bohan. She has a whole Pinterest board of her free printables, many Christmassy things among them.

Last, but not least, because these made me smile, are the clothespin wreaths for candies. They were concieved by the etsy shop 'Colourful Gifts'

And check out the great looking styling of twentyfour boring, brown paper bags by Barcelona instagrammer Imma Salmeron. So festive! Feliz Navidad to that one, I say. It doesn't have to be complicated.

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