First Advent Sunday - so let's do some more origami!

These are my new favorites to make, just my kind of origami: they are easy, they don't require a lot of thinking - and after a while the hands just seem to make them, while the mind wanders. Nice. I also like that they have that locking element; you make them from three sheets that you fold in the most basic way, but intermingled they just form a perfectly strong box like shape. 

Go try for yourself. I made you a wordless tutorial here, because this is reeeeally simple. Only be aware that the last element of the three is fiddly to get in place, but that's just the fun of it. Wiggle, wiggle. You'll get it with a bit of practise. Use really thin paper, and not too coarse. It needs to be a bit smooth, the paper for this design. I made these pagoda like hanging ornaments, but they also look fine just one by one, as in the last image. Use any paper you like, but if you like my designs, I've made two PDFs with them:

Three sizes origami squares / pop patterns
Three sizes origami squares / japanese patterns

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