The last LAST day of summer

It makes sense to me; it's fall equinox today, and to some that is the sort of outer limit of summer, and I think I agree. Others have taken up woolly scarves and closed their windows weeks ago, but I am stubbornly wearing flip flops. With blue toes, some days, but still. Not that much longer, though.

Days are getting darker, nights are getting cold. And soon the season of winter bathing will start! 

We have packed up the summer place, and now only go there on weekends. I have started a new job and I am totally tired most of the time, although very pleased with the job. 

In the garden it is all reds, golds and faded greens, and everything is too ripe and smells a bit mouldy, wet and earthy. We are making apple cordial, tomato soup and blackcurrant jam.

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