Ground Control To Major Tom

This morning, Denmark's first ever real astronaut went to work at the Baikonkur Cosmodrome launch facility in Kazakhstan, to be sent on a scientific mission at the International Space Station, way out there, somewhere.

We have been in media craze over this the last week or so, so every Dane feels that he or she knows Andreas Mogensen by now - Andreas, who also happens to be this genuinely nice, good looking, level headed (and insanely well educated - check his bio!) kind of guy. You feel confident that he is gonna make it just fine, out there in the chilling emptiness. Which is not empty at all, of course - that being the whole point of space exploration!

So I'm a bit star struck this morning, if I may say so. Talk about a crazy line of work - that takes some courage and wild determination. 

So have a nice one, Andreas, and come back safely to your wife and little daughter. Let's have a song.

Here are my top three songs about life in space...

David Bowie tops the list, obviously.
The 'Space Oddity' video is a real gem, a brilliant live recording from 1973 I never saw before. 

Elton John's 'Rocket Man' is just one of my favorite songs, period. And one of my best running or driving songs, by the way. I wonder if they listen to it up in the Sojuz rocket?

The last one, 'Rocket Brothers' by the Danish band Kashmir is a great song, but I love the video almost as much as the song. The animation video is by cartoonist and writer Anders Morgenthaler, and is a whole, little drama in itself.

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