This is where I was about a week ago

For the last couple of years, in mid February, we have gone to Härjedalen in Sweden to ski, hang out and generally just relax. To me this is one of the highlights of the winter. I love the skiing up around or above the tree line, especially, the white vastness of the views and even - sometimes - the freezing, howling wind. And then I love to take the skis off and walk on sweaty, wobbly legs into a steamy 'våffelstuga' and sip hot coffee with waffles and jam. This year we didn't have a lot of sun (so most of my pictures were sort of dull and dark looking), but nevertheless had some really great trips, and lots and lost of fun. We also found time to do some crazy nail art, bake weird looking (but tasty) muffins and make pretty ice lanterns. Here are some of the better snapshots...

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