Below zero fun

I am packing for our traditional, annual skiing trip to Sweden, and just can't wait to be up there in the cold, crystal clear winter air! We go with this other family we know, in a larger group of Danish cross country skiing enthusiasts. We share a cabin with our friends: four adults, three kids. I love skiing, and we all do - but of course, you can't ski 24/7. Books are read. Small, electronic screens are usually turned on, somewhere. We cook a lot of nice, sometimes complicated meals, eat sweets and drink wine in generous amounts, and it's not a health farm, exactly.
But healthy for the legs, and very healthy for the soul.

We also tend to improvise strange creative projects, such as the ice-and-marshmallow mobile we made outside the window last year. We had a theory about these marshmallows; thought they would deform in some interesting way, in the freezing cold - but they just turned sticky. 
The heavy ice baubles, however, were just gorgeous! Wonder what we'll come up with this year?

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