Gift Wrap Stars tutorial

You'll need: a strip of gift wrap paper, 10 x 70 cm., + glue + washi tape + scissors - and the very clever 'folding tool':
a plastic strip (mine is cut from a cheap plastic placemat), approximately 2 x 14 cm.
Use the folding strip to make the zig zag folding super quick and precise: just fold around it.... this. Turn over and repeat! This plastic strip will really help in the folding process. Try for yourself!
Just go on, until the whole strip is folded.....
If you have a bit left over, just trim it with scissors....
Because it is important that your two ends look like this = are the same.
Because gift wrap is so thin, strengthen the two ends with a length of washi tape or paper.
Add some star quality with a few cuts, for instance like these - experiment! I found them easier to do with a knife.
Try opening your star! You will discover that the tape at the ends is a good idea, it stabilizes things a bit.
Now add a thin line of glue at the top of the end bit...
....and press until it's dry (I always use quick drying glue).
Open the middle a bit and add a few extra drops of glue here and there...
....and gather the folds in the middle nicely, to kind of lock the whole construction in place. Let it dry.
And your star is done!

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