Amazing creations by Mariko Kusumoto

Mariko Kusumoto is a Japanese born artist, living in Massachusetts.

She works in several different materials, but I discovered her, through amazing images of her sculptural polyester fibre jewellery, on Pinterest and places like that. Her amazing craftsmanship leaves me breathless, and I have been wanting to share some of her work here for a long time. 

When I did a bit of research, I also discovered her mind boggling and intricate metalwork (links later in this post), but I will focus on her delicate jewels here. 

Apparently she creates these objects by heating thin, filmy polyester fabrics, and then moulds them, in some fantastic way, I am hardly able to imagine. This Is Colossal has an article, where her technique is somewhat explained. 

Nature in all shapes or forms - and colours - seem to be represented here, there are flowers, jellyfish, fungi, corals or micro organisms studied in a Petri dish, all mixed up in the most delightful way. 

As I mentioned, I came across a lot of writing about her metal work, and it is every bit as stunning and full of detail as these creatures.

It is more weird, fairytale like, full of images and symbols. Go check out this article from New England Home, wich also tells a bit about her unusual background (she grew up in a Buddhist temple!).

In this video she demonstrates a metal sculpture, which is almost like a Victorian puppet theatre, or some kind of three dimensional, magical in-a-box-world.

And here she is!
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