You should definitely heart someone

Tomorrow it's Valentine's Day, and I think we should absolutely spread some love around.
The world needs it.

Last year I showed you how to make Japanese folding letters for Valentine, menko and tato, and made you a hidden heart origami letter. This year I thought these might be fun....

They take five minutes to fold, and are made from a regular A4 sheet, so you don't even need to worry about square origami paper! I made you a PDF with a lot of red/pink patterns, and scaled the A4 dimensions a bit, to work around those unprinted edges all printed sheets must have. Just grab your scissors and cut away that edge.

Write a nice message to someone you think needs a bit of love, and fold it like this. Or use them for parties, wedding invitations or Christmas ornaments. I made a whole bundle, as you can see, and they ended up as a garland. They are actually very well suited for garlands, the construction has a natural  slit to pull the string through, you'll see for yourself when you try.

Wanna see my garland? 


  1. Would you check the link for the pdf of the tutorial? It doesn't work (yet?). THANKS!!! - Heather

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Hi Heather! Yes, the link WAS broken, my apologies - to you and anyone else who have tried the bad link. I have fixed it, it should work now. Hope you enjoy folding hearts ❤️...