Hi, January!

It's always a bit uphill with January. For me, anyway.

But days are getting longer and - as always - I start to feel a bit more energetic and optimistic, after December, which always drains me completely (this blog actually started as a kind of getting-through-December-therapy, or at least as an exercise in doing the things I like doing in December...).
But enough about that. So, onwards and Hey there, 2017.

This is an Instagram post that just really made me smile yesterday, which is why I will let it not illustrate my point in any particular way..... (?) But it does have two of my bigger idols in it, at once (sort of) and it makes me want to go out and see things, in stead of moping about in here, endlessly sorting our sock drawers.

It's Nick Cave, of course, at Mona museum in Tasmania, in the Yayoi Kusama 'Dots Obsession' installation. From @nickcaveofficial

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