November first with these babies

November first kind of marks the point where this blog begins to think about Christmas coming up, and to consider which various projects from the desk drawer, that might turn into this years fun paper DIY's. I never plan too much ahead of time, I gather a lot of ideas all year round, and sometimes work a bit on one or two. And I almost always end up doing something different than what I planned in the first place, anyway.

The paper balls from last year were a spur-of-the-moment idea that took me a few hours to make, from making my first prototype (I have not invented the principle - I saw that somewhere), trying out a whole lot of patterns, and deciding on the ones I liked the most. Then I made the finished design for the download, and a photo tutorial, just as quickly. 

Other times I have spend several evenings of experimenting with some idea, that ends up in the trash. Just so you know!

But the plopping baubles were a great hit, they have more than a thousand downloads, and have been pinned on Pinterest an unusual number of times, for this blog! So I guess I'll try not to think too hard about this years Christmas gifts for you, and just let them happen. And they will.

In November I am also working on setting up shop in some way, for my Advent Calendar Gift Wrap! Right now my Tictail shop is closed, alas, since shipping via mail from DK have has become so unreasonably expensive. But do contact me, if you want to buy some, we'll figure it out!

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