Spring favorite # 4: Buttercup Flowerballs

These I actually made for Easter, but I just didn't have the time to share them here.

They are, of course, very Easterly, but if you like buttercups, I guess they may cheer you up any time of the year. Plus they are very easy to make, really, and quite fun. All you have to do print the sheet (one sheet makes a flowerball, and I made these on slightly heavy, ordinary printer paper), cut out the twelve petals, and sort of hinge them into a ball. See explanation on the PDF about printing on both sides of the paper (which makes a really nice effect on these).

I found a very instructive video on YouTube, on how to assemble them. Super easy!

They are a remake of the pink Hanami ones I made a few years ago, and I have scaled them down a bit, so they are slightly smaller, and changed the outline a bit. They pay tribute to one of my favorite garden weeds; the pretty, yellow buttercup. And in just the same way, you may stick a bit of string to the inside, before closing the last petal, if you want to make them into hanging decorations. 

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