Lokalkompagniet - a cool place and a work project

Just a few weeks ago, I was hired to do a design job for a really fun and unusual place; Lokalkompagniet. Situated in Nykøbing Sjælland, Odsherred, a northern region of Sjælland, famous for it's beautiful landscape and coastline, it's bountiful gardens and farms - and it's appeal to all kinds of small farmers, foodies, artists and craftspeople.

Lokalkompagniet, is both a shop, an information centre, a local activity hub and - last but not least - a super cozy coffee bar and eatery, for anyone interested in great quality food from small local producers. Which is exactly the point of the place; giving all the small farm - and arts/crafts shops in the area a shared venue in the main town, Nykøbing Sjælland, in the middle of main street! You will find it in the former farmacy, in Algade 24, and it is open every day. There is a cozy garden out back, where you can enjoy today's special lunch, at a very reasonable price - and based on local products entirely! Much more info (in Danish) here...

And what did I have to do with this? Well - I designed the logo, and (because that's all we've had time for up till now) consulted on colors, typography etc. It had to be a super quick minimalist project - there was no time for a lot of printing and producing things, so all energy went into creating an interesting logo, and using the logo for some small touches here and there, like simple rubber stamps for a bit of quick and easy branding, and on large blackboards for various info. But it is an ongoing process, so more will follow!

Lokalkompagniet opened Saturday, and I was there for the opening, of course - the name (and therefore the big handpainted logos on the facade) was a secret until the opening hour, and it was revealed with speeches, live soul music and lots of festive to do! 

The place is so promising, and an absolute must, if you are in the area!

The shop has everything you could wish for when it comes to jam, honey, syrups, cordials and oils, all made from the lush gardens in the area - and high quality organic meat, handmade sausages, and even locally produced (and grown) wine and beer. 

The lunch wagon in the back yard is highly recommended; I had a yummy, really spicy frankfurter with relish, potato salad, homemade mustard and ketchup and fresh apple cordial to go with it.

Lokalkompagniet is also the host of some of the local arts- and crafts people - you will find quality ceramics, glass and jewellery among other things, and the group of participating companies is sure to grow eventually. Check the website and facebook for info (links further up in the post).

I was asked by the super talented jewellery maker Ane Meinert Folke, one of the artists represented in the shop, if I would like to wear some of her jewellery for the opening, and I chose to wear these beautiful earrings in gold and grey enamel, and had many compliments! (- a bit like when Bvlgari or Tiffany calls Beyoncé before the Oscars, and asks her if there is, perhaps, some little diamond tiara or such, she would care to wear....?)

Fun project, great day!
Thanks to all of you up there, and see you soon again.

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