Giant paper flowers by Tiffanie Turner

I often check out the blog This Is Colossal, where you are pretty much guaranteed at least one blog post (you tend to click about in interesting old posts and loose all track of time) about something that makes you drop your jaw in wonder or go "Oh, this is the loveliest thing I ever saw!" In that last category I think I will put this lady, a San Fransisco based artist, architect and crafty paper magician: Tiffanie Turner. She makes painstakingly precise and real looking but oversized flowers in crêpe paper. It takes her from 30 to 80 hours to complete a single flower, and they are around three feet or one meter in diameter!

She says: "My work in paper stems from my background as an architect, particularly my interest in how things are made and the use of repetitive elements, along with my lifelong obsession with flowers and botanical drawings. The exploration of scale plays heavily into everything I do, and the organized chaos and rhythms in nature make the heads of flowers an excellent case study for me".

I love that there are people out there, doing something like this.

Here is her blog, and here is her website Papel SF.

And I just discovered, on her website, that she makes workshops as well! So if you are anywhere near San Fransisco, you may want to go on an Easter Egg Piñata Workshop on March 21st!
Read about it here....

And her easter eggs are just beautiful, of course!

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