Structure Minerals - a daily dose of color

The mood has been grey around here lately, but this morning we were blessed with an unusually sunny and beautifully clear morning. It was hard not to feel a bit spring delirious. As it happened, I was walking my friend's dog, so I really got the full benefit of the few hours of brilliant sunlight, otherwise I might have just hurried home. Now I am at my desk working, and the sky is back to overcast dull blah.

I am desperate for color and light now, and to treat myself to some dreamy escapism, I have begun to follow some more exotic feeds on Instagram, rather than the endless cups of expensive coffee, house plants and children's rooms with quirky vintage wallpaper. I am looking for weird and wonderful now.

These guys I have been following for some time, and practically every day I am rewarded with beautiful shots of a rainbow extravaganza of minerals and precious stones.

They are Matt and Ashley from Minneapolis, and they have an Etsy shop called Structure Minerals.
And here they are on Instagram. Such a feast for the eyes!

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