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Yup, this is me - wrinkles and bad dye job and all. The thing is, that my son woke me up with a hair brush this morning, and insisted - as he sometimes does - on fixing my hair. I have frizzy, flimsy, typical Scandinavian hair in a nondescript beige-blond color, now with grey speckles here and there. So I jazz it up with a bit of chestnut red from the drugstore, which makes it even more frizzy. But my son is fascinated with the long tresses, only hanging loose in the morning (otherwise I always keep it in a bun or a ponytail), and loves to comb it. And now, he is learning to braid it, and gave me this makeover today.

The reason for this particular asymmetrical do, is that he has done me up me in the hairstyle of his heroine Elsa, from his favorite movie, Frozen. First he brushed and brushed (and I pretended it didn't hurt one bit), and then there was a lot of fiddling with rubber bands. I had to help him a bit with the actual braid, and then I was turned around, for him to check the result.

His eyes twinkled with admiration, and he gushed: "Oh, Mum, you look soooo beautiful! You look exactly like Elsa!!" 

(I guess I was hoping to look just a little bit more like this seriously cool young Danish lady)

And here is what Elsa looks like, in case you don't know:

Such moments of parenthood. They are cherished and put away a little box of treasures in the heart. And I have watched Frozen with him several times, and I am a little bit flattered, I must say. A bit of a (cold) hottie, that Elsa.

is the first major Disney movie my son (aged 5½) has fallen totally in love with. We flew from Copenhagen to Miami last spring, and he watched it almost three times in a stretch on the plane, although I do believe he napped through most of the third run. But he had lost his heart to Elsa, Anna, Sven (a reindeer) and the adorable snowman, Olaf.

We got the DVD and after a while I put all my politically correct reservations aside, and I really love it. The opening sequence with all the men carving ice blocks gets me every time, it is so beautiful. And the story is action packed, full of funny details and has a great B-cast, if you can say that - and old feminist me, love that the two female leads totally dominate the movie, that they are strong, determined and kick some serious animated butt, both of them. The story has a lot to do with love as a healing, magical, all-conquering force (that we all possess), but man-woman romance is not the peak of the story, even though it plays a part. The poor Elsa's evil spell is broken through pure sisterly love and courage, and the men sort of take second place in the story, where the love thing is concerned.

The visual style of the heroines is also much more manga, than big-boobs-and-pout-Barbie, and they are not offensively girly, in any way.

But even in my very PC world, it is still a mild case of puzzlement to some, that this can be the favorite movie of a very regular little boy with muddy boots and a great fondness for tree climbing and for wearing a Batman cape. Most people expect boys of his age to love movies where the heroes are made of space metal and mostly look like this:

But Elsa and Olaf and the rest are totally okay with me, and even though we parents do nudge our kids much more that we will admit to, I will try not to nudge my kid away from loving feisty princesses with purple eye shadow and talking snowmen. 

And he can fix my hair whenever he wants to.

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