More geology: The crystal caves in Naica, Mexico

I saw a tiny image somewhere the other day, that I first took to be a screen shot from some adventure/sci-fi movie, but something in it attracted me enough to follow the link. It lead me to discovering about this utterly unbelievable, but very real place. They are caves filled with giant gypsum and selenite crystals in the Naica Mine, one of Mexicos largest commercial silver, lead and zinc mines. They were discovered by accident in 2000, and can't be visited by ordinary tourists, but only by research teams, wearing ice cooled suits, since the temperatures are up around 120 degrees F (almost 50 degrees C). 

I just could not believe my own eyes. Can you? 
And as perhaps you know, I have a thing about minerals!

The two photos above are by Oscar Necoechea. 
Read more about this extraordinary and very weird place here, on National Geographic.

Top, mineral detail: from Wikipedia article about the Naica Mine.
Next three: Carsten Peter, for National Geographic.

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