I have just discovered Jacob Hashimoto

Jacob Hashimoto is an American artist (born 1973), based in New York, who works in mixed media, and most especially paper of all different kinds. His Japanese roots and a fondness for making paper kites, is a main theme in his work, and what he does with all those kites, is quite something. He makes enormous and insanely intricate room installations, and wall pieces of layered and layered paper and bamboo objects that are powerful and fragile at the same time.

His gallery in new York is Mary Boone Gallery, and the image above (image: Wallpaper magazine on Instagram) is from a show that just opened last week. It is called Sky Farm Fortress and I would be running very fast to see it, if I were anywhere near those parts. I find his work wildly inspiring and have been studying him on Google all afternoon.

Now you can do the same....!

From the installation Gas Giant at MOCA Pacific Design Centre, Los Angeles, 2014.

Here are some of his incredible wall hangings - photos courtesy of Mary Boone Gallery.

The last one (below) is called Plunk - also Mary Boone Gallery. I love the way he explores one simple idea - here: the plaid pattern made with the tape - and just goes on and on and on! It is a kind of chaos, but a very controlled one. Repetition is a great trick, and working in cheap, accessible materials - that is just great. I hope I get to study his work up close some day.

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