Hello again - and why you need to be a little bit patient

Wow, all of a sudden, almost a year rushed by - and since the last part of it has been busy and a bit
crazy in ways I shall not bore you with, I had sort of decided to skip blogging this December.

But. But. BUT....!

Maybe, instead, I'll come just right out and tell you that I cannot possibly post a daily DIY download,
and then see how it goes.

And what if I tell you, that there will be a really nice thing to download and make every sunday,
and just maybe a few more, in between...? Will it be christmas, you think?

And I might tell you, now that I´m at it, that I will put some of the designs from last year up for
download again. Absolutely.

But now I really must dash, I need to go clean my andirons.
(........and maybe there will be a film clue in all of my blog posts this year?)

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