A quiet start

I welcome you all to this seasonal pop-up-blog, in which I will be writing about - well, something,
I wouldn't be surprised - as I am sometimes prone to rantings.

But most of all, I will give you a little something to print and make every day - usually woven hearts,
but sometimes not. The hearts are my thing, though, so you can expect a few of these. I make them
every now and then, so some of them are not necessarily christmas-like. But you will see....

No cheating, though. No advent calendar downloads until December 1st.

Last year Copenhagen was covered in snow, at this time. I love snow and everything about it and,
contrary to popular belief, it is not that common to have two months of snow, as we did last winter.
It was glorious.
I so hope we will have some this year again. Piles of it, enough for skiing, enough for us to get really
used to it, and just relax and enjoy it.

The only sort-of-slightly christmassy decor I have felt inclined to do, is perhaps a bit inspired....
The flakes are made of Hama-beads, and these I will definitely be mentioning later.
As I have a bit of a fetish. And, as you can see: foggy, wet weather. No snow.

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