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This blog started in late November 2011. As a graphic designer with a very soft spot for Christmas paper crafting, simple origami and for making pretty patterns especially, I have made all sorts of colorful little cut-and-fold sheets for years, and would usually send them to friends as seasonal greetings. They became quite popular, and for a while I was even selling them on Etsy. But in 2011 I decided to give a DIY project away every day in the month of December, as a kind of online advent calendar, just to have a bit of fun with it.

I decided that the best way to do this was in blog form, and it was such fun to do it, and it had thousands of hits that first year, so of course I was persuaded to do it again the following year - and it remained a Christmas themed event in the winter of 2012. In 2013 it strayed a bit, and sort of dallied on into 2014, and from then on, became a regular year round blog.

I like writing about other things than Christmas, as perhaps you have found out, but Christmas will probably remain a special event here in this spot - with new, pretty DIYs for you to download and make.

The first season was entirely focused on Scandinavian woven paper hearts, all with a bit of a personal twist, hence the name: it's a heart heart season. Later on I have posted several stars, garlands and other little paper objects to make, and you can find links to every one of them HERE, in practical list form.

So welcome to it's a heart heart season, where you will continue to find DIY paper downloads - now at a bit more irregular intervals, and mixed up with my musings on all sorts of things I find interesting, beautiful or simply irresistible to write about.

I sometimes write about products, ongoing exhibitions or events - but you should know that I never get paid or be-gifted for doing so, and I, and nobody else, pick the topics I write about.

I truly hope you will enjoy some of my writing or my DIYs - and comments are always deeply appreciated!

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