Paper necklaces by Catrine Berlatier

I've always been wanting to make some kind of paper jewellery, but I just haven't found any technique or come up with anything that seems to have the kind of detailing and strength, I think it would need.

It's no fun to make something that falls apart, or can't withstand a bit of handling. But still, I know that paper is this really, really strong material, if you treat it the right way.

And then, as I was browsing away on Instagram, I came across something: these beautiful rope or concertina paper necklaces by a woman named Catrine Berlatier. She is a French jewellery maker, living in Melbourne, Australia, where a local jewellery gallery - e.g.etal - sells her work.

I think they are fantastic - they look strong and durable, and yet you feel that they must be light, flexible and nice to the touch. The weaving or folding technique is simply beautiful, and I have googled like a crazy person to identify it, because I would so love to try it. It looks like a lot of work, and her level of finesse I am not aiming for - but I'd love to give it a go. 

If anyone reading this can help, I would be thrilled! What is this kind of weaving / folding called?

But back to Catrine Berlatier; she makes her folded necklaces from all sorts of discarded paper, old books etc. (for instance old atlases  - see the first necklace below).

There is a bit of an African vibe about them, that I really like - I'm a big fan of Masai and Turkana jewellery, for instance - and they are just so well made, you can really see her skill and craftsmanship.

Her necklaces are for sale here, if you have (quite a few) Australian dollars to spare!

(all photos here are by Catrine Berlatier and e.g.etal)

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